About our products
  • MGZ series:
    Support applied to the plates of larger dimensions making it easy to work for tiler. read more

  • MG series:
    MG Series has a knife cutting Ø16. read more

  • MGŁN series:
    MGŁN Series models have the option of cutting and breaking tiles diagonally. read more

  • MGŁR series:
    In a series of MGŁR used adjustable blade height and cushioned top breaking tiles. read more

  • MGŁ series:
    MGŁ series devices have roller bearings. read more

  • MGM series:
    Applied cushioned top to break tiles. read more

  • Stand for tiling:
    The new solution from Walmer easier to work when laying wall tiles. read more

  • Patents and designs:
    Walmer’s devices have fellowship reservations

  • MGŁW series:
    MGŁW Series models have a cutting wheel ø 16 interchangeable. read more

Our firm is concerned with production of manual instruments to cutting glaze and terracotta. This instruments are very high quality, and are pleased of acknowledgement of European market.